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G R A P H I C  D E S I G N : Over 35 years of experience, half of that for McNair Design. C H U R C H  D E S I G N : Over 20 years of experience designing for churches – the perfect marriage of my two passions - my love for Jesus and my desire to express my creativity while being a great help to businesses of all sizes. L O G O  D E S I G N : We live in a highly visual world with everything vying for our attention. Make your business memorable with a creative, logo... the visual cornerstone of your company’s image... the lead singer in your company’s brand. W E B : What better marketing tool is there for your company than your website? Clients and potentials can access valuable information regarding your company anywhere, anytime. Set your company apart with a beautifully crafted and unique website. A P P A R E L  D E S I G N : T-shirts are “trigger mechanisms” - They can trigger a memory, an emotion or a give us a sense of belonging. We become walking billboards for what’s important to us. It might be a fond memory of a place or event, a beloved sports team or band, or a valued service or product... We are connecting with something we feel strongly enough about to promote. What pulls your trigger?

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