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My passion is to design. My desire is to offer my graphic design talent and experience to the benefit of those who understand the importance of visual communication, and who enjoy the collaborative process between themselves and the artist. — Ric



Highly Recommended
We have been using Ric for several years now on various projects he does an outstanding job for us! I do feel bad that we give him little warning before we drop projects on him. The sad part is that we get little warning from the client as well. By the time they come to us they are in trouble. I must say, when I call upon Ric I feel safe. Ric is amazing in the quality of his designs and the response time.

I would highly recommend Ric, he is understanding, creative and quick to the solution. My clients love what he has produced. I know when he is brought into the picture the solution is soon at hand and our clients will love the direction, thought and quality that goes into the solution. We wish we had more projects to work on with Ric. And that is the truth. Please feel free to contact me if you have any need of examples on how Ric has pulled it together for all of us.

      Gene Smith, Vice President


- - - - -

A Pleasure to Work With
It gives me great pleasure to strongly recommend my web site developer, Ric McNair to anyone who is looking to improve their brand image or presence on the web. After going through three web design developers over a year ago I was finally referred to Ric by a friend. We spent several hours on the phone going over our goals, objectives and the look we were trying to capture as we up-dated a fatigued image. Ric was always gracious with his time and never pushed his ideas upon us as we wrestled through the design process. This was not an easy process for us, however, Ric made it painless and always came up with a creative solution to resolve our challenges.

We have worked with many outside resources over the years and with some we had greater success than others. Ric hit it out of the park for us and remained flexible and open minded at all time. What is truly amazing about our relationship is that we have yet to met each other and the entire relationship was build on a foundation of trust. If you are looking for any type of design work I would encourage you to give Ric a call…you won't be disappointed.

      Dean Small, Managing Partner
      Synergy Restaurant Consultants


- - - - -

Your Graphic Design Genius...
From conception to execution for the design of your business or projects, Ric deftly manages to transform thought into actuality. He has such a magnificent eye for the details and is so creative in the way he thinks about color, text, dimension, graphics—and blends them all into a synchronous work of art!!!

Also, Ric is personally committed to a project and works at it until it is perfect for you; he is flawless in communication in making sure the client is immensely satisfied. His rates for his services are also great for the consumer—as one gets impeccable and premium workmanship at acceptable prices with fast turn around times. More than anything, Ric, at McNair Design is a man of integrity, humility, flexibility and ever so gracious. He has personally worked on over 10 projects for me and has dazzled me each time! Choose McNair Design for your project—you will not regret your decision!!!

      Dr. Kris Kennedy
      Kennedy Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center


- - - - -

Inspired Designs
I've worked with Ric for a number of years now on many projects and have seen first hand his genius in many different areas of design. From web graphics, marketing materials or complete re-branding he always comes through with inspired designs at fair prices. Highly recommend his services!

      Jeff Klem, President
      Remedysoft, Inc.

- - - - -
Graphic Listener
As a account executive for over fifteen years designing and building trade show exhibits, I have come across many graphic designers. I have found Ric McNair to be a very professional and accomplished graphic designer, and “Graphic Listener”. Ric has the abilities to comprehend the desired concept and execute the design. Ric’s talents not only encompass the graphic beauty branding need, he is able to quickly determine the amount of time, hours needed to fulfill the project at hand, a very important requirement with in this industry.

I have used Ric McNair for over 5 years and will continue to do so, I can trust him to communicate directly with my clients or with any of the levels of the production process. I recommend him highly!

      Roberto Castro, Account Executive
      K2 Fabrication

- - - - -

Rebranding Specialist
I've had the opportunity to work with Ric over the last year in a rebranding campaign. This involved a new brand image, developing new literature and adverts, as well as a complete redesign of our website. Ric made it easy. We didn't have a lot of resources to take on this rebranding campaign, and certainly not the creativity that was going to be needed. After meeting with Ric and giving him the most basic of our thoughts, he was able to develop a new image for our company.

We have a completely new, beautiful, informative, streamlined brand/look and our clients have had nothing but positive praise. After we redesigned our advertising campaign based on this new look and new directions the company was growing, the traffic to our website increase by over 25%. Ric is so easy to work with and has the ability to come up with creative ideas without a lot of input – he is able to capture the essence of a project very quickly. He has met every very tight timeline we have given him, even when new things come up at the last minute, and the quality is exceptional. We will continue to work with Ric as we continue to expand our company and our campaigns.

      Diana Wood, VP, Business Development
      Stason Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


- - - - -

Marketing Design
I have had the opportunity to work with Ric of McNair Design for the past four years. He has always produced excellent art and design to convey our message. We are a non-profit charity organization and he has worked diligently to produce awesome pieces for us. He continually comes in on time and on budget. I have felt blessed to work with Ric and feel you could not choose a more qualified designer. You will be very pleased with your decision!!

      Paula Conaway-Broderick
      Laguna Niguel, CA


- - - - -

Ric with McNair Design really understands the ideas and messages my clients want to convey and always provides top-notch artwork always delivered on time! My clients are always VERY happy with the work from McNair Design, which in turn, makes me VERY happy. Every detail I pass along is understood and incorporated beautifully in all the designs I have received from Ric. Very detail-oriented, creative, responsive, insightful, diligent, and down to earth, I will continue to use McNair Design for all my future design-related projects.

      Brianna Mutz


- - - - -

An Excellent Designer
McNair Design came up with a beautiful design for my book cover, website, business cards, bookmarks, and author posters. I couldn't be more pleased! Every time I came up with a new request, Ric was quick to respond and always surprised me with wonderful and professional results. I highly recommend McNair Design.

      Cherish A. Doll, Author


- - - - -

Excellent Designer!!!
Our company has used McNair Design since 2006 and we have always received the highest quality design. We highly recommend this company!

      Bob Nance, Principle
      Impresse Marketing

- - - - - - -

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