I began my career in college designing 300-page yearbooks and multiple catalogs, booklets and brochures. After I graduated, I worked in the editorial department of a large, global church where I Art Directed a monthly magazine and designed magazine covers. The last part of my time there, I worked in television production, designing graphics for their weekly TV program.

Currently, I have 15 years of full-time freelance design experience where I have helped over 300 businesses establish or improve their branding through logo and web design as well as marketing and tradeshow graphics. My client list ranges from small local startups to large international businesses. I provide contract work for two marketing agencies, one in Southern California and one in Florida.

Graphic design is all I have ever done and I still love what I do.


36160 Thousand Oaks Place   Murrieta, CA 92562   951.301.1019

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